Eshchar Hanoch Kliengbiel (born 1985) is an artist based in Tel Aviv.

He is a member of the cooperative gallery P8 in Tel Aviv for the past five years. His main practice focuses on drawing, through it he explores the last romantic frontier - Outer space and the limits of the medium. The drawings are created by Frottage technique through repetitive pictorial action. Through this practice, various images begin to appear on the paper, usually tracing the landscapes of unknown worlds or his personal history. His works have been shown in several solo and group exhibitions across Israel and found in Haaretz Art Collection (Schocken), Rosenblatt Collection among several private collections around the world.


2020 MFA in Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

2012 BFA in Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.  

2011 Student Exchange Program, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna.

solo exhibitions and projects:

2021 "Planet X", P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator Irit Hadar.

2020 "Cronus", MFA Graduate Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel Aviv.

2020 “Plains”, Neve Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator Shira Friedman.

2019 "Titanium White and Spackle", The refrigerator gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator Iris Pshedezki.

2018 "A Mound is not from God", The White House Gallery at Kibbutz Nir-Oz. Curator Haim Perry.

2017 "Where is everybody?", P8 Gallery Tel Aviv, Curator Irena Gordon. 

2017 "VOYAGER", P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv and Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, as part of Barbur b&b.


Group Exhibitions:

2022 "The VIII Biennale for Drawing - more than one”, Artists House, Jerusalem (Upcoming).

2021 "Air-space", Contemporary Art Gallery, Ramat Hasharon, Curator Ravit Harari.

2021 "Dark Room", London House - Gordon, Rishon Lezion, Curators Doron Fishbein and Effie Gan.

2021 "Flat Space", Hecht Museum, Haifa, curator Inna Berkowits.

2020 "The Biennial for matter", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.
      Curators: Henrietta Eliezer-Brunner, Yuval Saar, Merav Rahat, Nir Hermet, Liora Rosin.

2019 "The VII Biennale for Drawing – Walk the line", the Print Workshops, Jerusalem. Curator Irena Gordon.

2019 "The collectivists - a group portrait", Artists' House, Tel Aviv, curator Orly Hoffman.

2019 "Ricinus", MFA Gallery of the Bezalel academy, Tel Aviv. Curator Yotam Sivan.

2018 "Mahbua", The New Gallery Ginogli, Jerusalem, Curator Tamara Ben-Artzi.

2018 "HOME / GUEST", The New Gallery Teddy, Jerusalem, curator Tamar Gaspan-Greenberg.

2017 "the-Salon", the cube Gallery, Jerusalem.

2017 "Hypernormalization" Benjamin gallery Tel Aviv, Curators: Mor Shmushkowitz and Hadassa Cohen.

2017 "Place", Jaffa Port, Jaffa Art Salon in cooperation with the Montefiore Auction House.

2017 "Island", La Cultur, Mazeh 9 gallery, Tel Aviv.

2016 "The VI Biennale for Drawing - The Return Of Paper”, Artists House, Jerusalem.  

      curators: Edna Moshenson and Sally Haftel.

2016 "Exposure", Florentine Quartet, Tel Aviv.

      Curators: Ady Shimony, Erga Yaari-Weitzman and Zak Shiff.

2016 “Do Not Look at The Fault" as part of the Loving Art Making Art Festival, Tel Aviv.

2016 "Fresh Paint 8", Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, curators: Raz Shapira and Yifat Gurion.
2015 "the-Salon", the cube Gallery, Jerusalem.
2014 "Bread and Roses 9", Kastiel As Is, Tel Aviv.
2014 "Landscapes", The Artist Table – online gallery
2013 "Outer Space", Bezalel 7 Gallery, Manofim Festival, Jerusalem.
2012 "Graduate Exhibition", Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

Grants and Prizes:

2022 The "Mifal HaPais" Exhibition grant.

2021 The Foundation for Independent Creators grant, Ministry of Culture and Sports Israel.

2021 The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's Art Department and the Rabinovich Foundation for Art grant.

2020 The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation - Exhibition grant.

2020 Hecht Museum Prize for Young Artists (2nd).

2019 Young Artist Award, Ministry of Culture Israel.
2017 Havatzelet Scholarship - for encourage artistic work - Young Artist.


2019 "The VII Biennale for Drawing – Action line", Catalog, Artists' House, Jerusalem, November 2019

2017 "Where is everybody?" Virtual catalog, Gallery P8, November 2017.
2017 "44DEGREES" - Online magazine, issue: LAYERS, October 2017.

2017 "Pale blue dot" Virtual catalog, Gallery P8, April 2017.

2016 "The VI Biennale for Drawing - The Return of the Paper/Thoughts on Drawing", Catalog, Artists' House,          Jerusalem, November 2016

2015 "Harama", online art magazine, issue #10: Universe, May 2015 (Hebrew)